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Read about it here: https://docs.microsoft.com/da-dk/sccm/core/get-started/capabilities-in-technical-preview-1612

As Microsoft writes – “Data that is currently available in the Configuration Manager WMI Provider is now also accessible with the new OData RESTful endpoint” – This is not completely true yet,  but it is a start.

http://cm01/CMRestProvider/Query does not work. It returns error 500 or the result of the previous successful REST call

Running this little piece of PowerShell below, returns the entire list of data that can be extracted. There is a lot!

You can see the entire list in the attached document or make your own.

Not all classes listed are working yet! I hope this will be solved when the feature is released.

$cred = Get-Credential

$url = “http:///CMRestProvider/”

$RESTdata = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $url -Credential $cred

$RESTdata.value | select name

The entire list: CM-RESTAPI

There are two new logfiles related to REST API, they can be fond at  \Microsoft Configuration Manager\CMProviderLog.

The CMRestProviderService.log shows the history of the REST calls made:

Processing request: http:///CMRestProvider/DeploymentInfo SCCMGraph 26-03-2017 19:17:57 8 (0x0008)
Success: returned 1219 bytes of data SCCMGraph 26-03-2017 19:17:58 8 (0x0008)


I will come back with more info on this topic later on