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Looks like there is a bug in KB3100144 (Description of Cumulative Update 2 for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Service Pack 2 and System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Service Pack 1). The error occur when you install a management point.
MSI: There is not enough available disk space on to complete this operation. Installation requires at least 90MB free disk space. File C:\Windows\ccmsetup\configmgr2012acsp2r2sp1kb3074857x64.msp installation failed. Error text: ExitCode: 1603 Action: CcmCheckFreeDiskSpace.


<12/02/15 17:52:05> Installing pre-req using command line “D:\SMS\client\ccmsetup.exe” /UpgradeWithServer:mp
<12/02/15 17:52:22> Pre-req installer “D:\SMS\client\ccmsetup.exe” /UpgradeWithServer:mp finished with exit code 1
<12/02/15 17:52:22> Failed to Install Pre Req CcmSetup. Return Code is 1
<12/02/15 17:52:22> This was a required Pre Req, can not continue.
<12/02/15 17:52:22> Installation Failed. Error Code: 1


  1. Uninstall the management point, monitor mpsetup.log till the uninstall is succeded

  2. Uninstall the agent using the switch /uninstall, monitor ccmsetup.log till the uninstall is succeded

  3. Reinstall the agent, but this time include the patch in the installation. C:\windows\ccmsetup\ccmsetup.exe patch=\\<Server>\sms_XXX\hotfix\KB3100144\Client\x64\configmgr2012ac-sp2r2sp1-kb3100144-x64.msp SMSSITECODE=XXX

    XXX = your sitecode
    <Server> = your site server

  4. Install the management point, and you’re done.